Aldous Huxley

"Complete understanding of the system (Alexander Technique) can come only with the practice of it. All I need say in this place is that I am sure, as a matter of personal experience and observation, that it gives us all the things we have been looking for in a system of physical education (...) and, along with this, a general heightening of consciousness on all levels."
(Huxley, Aldous: A Psychophysical Education, in: Barlow, Wilfred: More Talk of Alexander - Aspects of the Alexander Technique, London 1978)

Aldous Huxley, der Autor des anti-utopischen Romans Schöne neue Welt (1932), weist hier - unter Berufung auf persönliche Erfahrung und Beobachtung - unter anderem darauf hin, dass man die Alexander-Technik nur dann vollständig verstehen könne, wenn man sie praktiziere.

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