The Alexander Technique and Meditation

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"Those who have engaged in meditation and have also been trained in the Alexander Technique will have seen that there is a close parallel. The Tibetan Lamas claim the capacity to continue meditation in all they are doing. When we have achieved the poise of Alexander's 'primary control', we can maintain it while giving consent to the limbs doing whatever we want. This has the closest relation to sustained meditation. Non-attachment to 'end-gaining' and control of reaction through 'inhibition' of immediate response to stimuli until directions for the primary control are given, is indeed a kind of western yoga. The act of refusing to respond to the primary desire to gain an end becomes the act of responding to the conscious reasoned desire to employ the means whereby the end may be gained. Clearly and obviously this touches everything we do. Here is the clue for breaking habit and lifting into the new. It would have wonderful effect if it could be included as an essential feature in teaching the 'inner game' of skiing, tennis and athletics. It is as basic to real therapy and healthy living as is nutrition through whole and organic food."
(Sir George Trevelyan: Prototypes of Holistic Achievement. About Rudolf Steiner and Matthias Alexander, Exploration into God, 1991)

Sir George Trevelyan war Teilnehmer des ersten Ausbildungskurses, den F. M. Alexander abhielt (1931-1934). Im Jahre 1982 erhielt er den alternativen Nobelpreis.

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