Important Joints

Where are your atlanto occipital joints - the most important joints of your body?


We were all very confused, until Pat (Patrick Macdonald) realized that what F.M. meant (although he wasn´t saying it in a word) was that the head goes forward and up from the occipital joint, not from the »hump« (dtsch. Buckel, 7. Halswirbel). This was such an eye opener to all of us because as soon as we realized that, we could get the freedom there and the rest did itself almost.
(Marjory Barlow, An Examined Life, p. 81-82, 2002)

Where are your hip joints?


When you´re directing to a part of the body, you´re sending little telegrams. That´s why it´s important to know where your hip joints are - because you can send a message to the wrong address and nothing happens.
(Marjory Barlow, An Examined Life, p. 61, 2002)

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