A True Martial Artist

An Interview with Ted McNamara

»... the defining qualities of Mr Macdonald’s teaching were those of a true martial artist. He had the ability to allow the placement of the principles of the Alexander Technique and to take them into dynamic motion – including walking, the lunge, a “swinger”, up onto the toes, position of mechanical advantage or “monkey”, and the squat. [...]

Like a martial arts master – or any master – he brought stillness and movement together. He did not waste movement; he did not waste words. He was watchful. He demanded simply, and with the right kind of seriousness, that you knew “where up is, and what up is”. His art was the Alexander Technique. Words are not the best way of communicating his teaching, and words have a tendency to get stuck in the ordinary mind, rather than being weighed and “placed upon the heart”, so that they can be helpful towards understanding.«