Knee-Deep: A Joint Journey

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"My silent partner, my knee, led me organically and unerringly to a second career. When I joined the Juilliard faculty to teach dance to the actors, I met the legendary Alexander technique teacher Judith Leibowitz. Judy became my colleague, friend, and finally, my mentor. I had absolutely no idea what the Alexander technique was, but I did know that “my” actors could move with enormous ease and fluidity. At the end of the year, I had my first lesson with Judy. By the end of that first lesson, I knew I would train as an Alexander teacher when I retired.
The Alexander technique united so many of the ideas and concepts I had been working with for years, and placed them in a clear framework. It so obviously provided a way for dancers to dance longer and better, and without injury. How could I resist?"
(Jane Kominsky, Knee-Deep: A Joint Journey, in: The Juilliard Journal Online, 2001)

Die Geschichte einer Knieverletzung. Von Jane Kominsky, The Juilliard School, New York.

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