Nondoing and Proprioceptive Awareness

"The solution, I think, is that we need to understand and learn how to promote the operation of the natural supporting reflexes. (...) If you want the reflexes to work freely to your advantage, you must identify those habits which interfere and discover what thoughts are appropriate to overcome them. You need to learn to project these thoughts and others which favour the beneficial reflexes and monitor your performance. Alexander adopted such an approach of thinking and not doing, one which animates the neuromuscular system and elicits supporting reflexes and movement. ´Nondoing´ and proprioceptive awareness are continuous themes throughout his teaching. As Sherrington wrote, ´What the mind is concerned with is not the act but the aim´."
(Ballard, Kathleen: The Nature and Behaviour of Postural Support Systems and Improvement of their Performance by a Rational Approach - the Alexander Technique, in: Performing Arts Medicine News, volume 3, no. 2, London 1995; das Zitat von Charles Sherrington stammt aus Man on his Nature, Cambridge 1940)

Nicht-Tun und propriozeptive Bewusstheit sind zentrale Themen in der Alexander-Technik.

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