A Story through the Feldenkrais Method

6 Minutes Video / Trailer

About this Video: "
A story through the Feldenkrais method / The members of Group-13 is a documentary feature in which a historic meeting is taking place. Group-13 consists of the immediate disciples of Moshe Feldenkrais, who participated in his first course for trainers that took place between the years 1968-1971, and who have not congregated since. (...)
The film invites us to ponder upon the applications of the Method, on a personal and universal scale. The issues, which emerge, are relevant to all viewers - whether they have practiced Feldenkrais or not. (...)
Seven out of the thirteen original disciples participated in the Group-13 reunion: Ruth Alon, Shlomo Efrat, Devora Hisdai, Yochanan Ryverant, Chava Shelhav, Eli Vadler and Bruria Milo, who passed away during the making of this film - which is dedicated to her."

Sieben der dreizehn ersten Schüler Feldenkrais' in einem Dokumentationsfilm (Originallänge 48 Minuten) über die Methode.

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