Learning the Alexander Technique

"Learning the Alexander Technique is like learning any complex skill, such as playing a musical instrument or sailing a yacht; you need a teacher who has been 'playing' or 'sailing' for their own pleasure and benefit for years, to teach you new skills, and to help you to incorporate them into your own understanding and your own practice. Similarly, the real value of the Alexander Technique lies in becoming able to apply its principles, by yourself, to your daily activities."
(The Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique, London, website)

Beim Lernen der Alexander-Technik ist´s wie bei Lernen jeder komplexen Fertigkeit: Sie brauchen einen Lehrer, der´s Ihnen beibringt und der Ihnen hilft, bis Sie so weit sind, das Gelernte im täglichen Leben für sich selbst anzuwenden.

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