Teddy Bear Party

Today the blog celebrates its first birthday. The first post (below) was published one year ago, on Sunday, July 22, 2007.

Body and Mind

"I must admit that when I began my investigation, I, in common with most people, conceived of 'body' and 'mind' as separate parts of the same organism, and consequently believed that human ills, difficulties and shortcomings could be classified as either 'mental' or 'physical' and dealt with on specifically 'mental' or specifically 'physical' lines. My practical experiences, however, led me to abandon this point of view and readers of my books will be aware the technique described in them is based on the opposite conception, namely, that it is impossible to separate 'mental' and 'physical' processes in any form of human activity."
(F. M. Alexander, The Use of the Self, London 1998, London, New York 1932)

Körper und Geist sind eins.

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