Ida Rolf: It is always in the neck

"If you are really sick, there is always what the chiropractors would call a lesion and what Rolfers would call an imbalance. The cranial osteopaths would call it a ligamentous articulating strain, or something of that sort. But it is always in the neck. You never say, I am sick, except there´s a misery in the neck. You may say, I have trouble with my knee, or my hip, or something of this sort. But you will never have the acute symptom - where you say, I´m going to have to take some time off and rest - without a problem in the neck.
(Rolf, Ida: Rolfing and Physical Reality, 1st ed. 1978)

Ich bin krank - das sagt man nur, wenn der Hals mit betroffen ist. Ansonsten hat man Probleme.

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